Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system, could soon be getting third-party widgets through the Microsoft Store. Currently, the widget panel can only display Microsoft’s own widgets. These include a calendar, weather updates, and top news stories. According to a screenshot of alleged code from the Widget manifest that has surfaced online, Microsoft is reportedly now working on adding support for third-party widgets on Windows 11. The leaked Widget manifest mentions downloading new widgets through the Microsoft Store.

Twitter user FireCube tweeted a screenshot of the alleged code from the Widget manifest containing references to downloading new widgets from the Microsoft Store. “Widget manifest update shows more evidence of being able to download third-party widgets and updates from the Microsoft Store,” the tweet read. The screenshot of the alleged manifest file contains a message that reads “download new widgets and widget updates from Microsoft Store”. Based on this, it is speculated that users may be able to download new widgets after a future OS update. If the development turns out to be real and not just an internal Microsoft test, the Widgets panel would be more useful for those with options for personalization.

At this point, Windows 11’s Widgets panel opens from the left side of the screen and displays widgets for weather, traffic, sports stories, a watchlist, OneDrive photos, Microsoft To-Do, and some other apps and types of news. Last leaking have also hinted at the arrival of third-party widgets to Microsoft’s operating system. However, Microsoft has yet to confirm this extension of the Widgets panel.

Recently, Microsoft announced a number of new features for Windows 11 aimed at hybrid work and enterprise customers. Microsoft is updating Windows 11’s File Explorer with a tabbed user interface and support for pinned files. It also brings improved accessibility features for people with disabilities, along with support for services to automate updates for Windows, Microsoft Edge, and Office. Furthermore, it makes switching between Windows 11 and Windows 365 easier, with Windows 365 Switch and Windows 365 Boot.

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