How to Send Expiring Emails on phone and desktop

How to Send Expiring Emails on phone and desktop

There could be times when you want to send specific information to someone for some time. In this case, the information that you are forwarding could be sensitive and should be there for a limited time with the other party. However, a regular email consisting that information could be risky since it can be opened by anyone at any time. Here comes Gmail’s Confidential/Expiring email feature handy. Also Read – How to create a signature in Gmail: A step-by-step guide

Gmail on mobile and PC has a feature that lets you send sensitive information for a specific time with a passcode. This could be great if want to send time-bound information. It could be that password or details of your company that you’re forwarding to a guest for a limited time. Whatever be the case, this feature has got you covered. Also Read – How to download emails from Gmail account

Today in this article, we will show you how to send expiring or confidential emails on phone and desktop. Also Read – Don’t like what you swipe? Here’s how you can customise swipe gestures in Gmail app

How to Send Expiring Emails on phone and desktop

Step 1: Open Gmail on your phone/desktop.

Step 2: Start composing an email by clicking on the “Compose” button.

Step 3: Add all the details like the recipient address, subject, and the time-bound/sensitive information that you want to send.

Step 4: Next up click on the three dots in the top right corner on phone. On the desktop, you’ll see a Confidential option beside the Send button, click on it.

Step 5: Once you click on the three dots on phone, you will get multiple options, select Confidential mode.

Step 6: Now it will let you set the expiry time for the email. You can choose from five of the different options – Expires in 1 day, Expires in 1 week, Expires in 1 month, Expires in 3 months, Expires in 5 years. (Note that while writing this article there were only five options, but this might change in the future.)

Step 7: Once you select the expiration time, you can either decide to choose a standard passcode for this email that would be automatically created and sent to the recipient’s email, or you can choose the SMS passcode, where the automated passcode would be sent on the recipient’s registered phone number. For the second method to work, you would need to input the recipient’s phone number.

Step 8: Lastly, send the email by hitting the arrow on the top on phone. On the desktop, click on the Send button.

Once you send the email, the recipient should receive it by a text mentioning the expiration time of the email. Clicking on the “View the email” option will take him to his web browser where he has to put the passcode and view it. After the set time, the email will be expired automatically.

Do note that when you send an expiring/confidential email, it will prevent the recipient from forwarding or sharing it with anyone. The recipient of the expiring/confidential email cannot take screenshots either.

All you need to know

All you need to know

Just like most apps these days, YouTube also offers a subscription-based plan for users called YouTube Premium. This plan offers ad-free video streaming, exclusive YouTube Originals, video downloading and more benefits for a better viewing experience. YouTube also offers a few gift cards and codes to help users get this premium access for free. Also Read – Youtube Shorts gets Green Screen feature on iOS, here’s how to use it

This YouTube code or gift card can be redeemed to activate a free Premium subscription. This gift card is added to the user’s account so that their linked account is credited as Google Play balance. This balance can be used to purchase services like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube TV, movies and TV shows on YouTube, and other Google Play digital content. Also Read – How to hide Instagram followers and following list: All you need to know

YouTube Premium subscription plans in India

YouTube Premium subscription plans available in India are as follows: Also Read – How to View and Edit your Youtube Comment History

Plan validity

1 month
Rs 139

3 months
Rs 399

12 months
Rs 1,290

How to redeem the YouTube Premium code or gift card

Follow these simple steps on how you can add your YouTube code or gift card to your linked account and use it to buy other Google services.

Open your Google account on the browser
Once done, go to this link
Now enter the code where prompted and click “Next”
Tap on the ‘YouTube Premium’ option and choose the plan that you want to buy
While making the payment, choose “Google Pay” as your mode and click on “Buy”
This way, your YouTube Premium account will be activated and the code will be redeemed

Do note that some YouTube codes are valid for new YouTube Premium subscribers, while many are eligible for existing users also. These codes are also streamlined on the basis of different regions across the world. Notably, YouTube already offers one month of free trial for all YouTube users. Samsung offers 2 to 3 months of free subscription for YouTube Premium to all its users.

All you need to know

All you need to know

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. Protecting users’ privacy is one thing that is very important but still a tricky thing. Even though Instagram does provide a lot of privacy controls, but there are a few things users still need to take care of themselves with a few tricks. In case you don’t want everyone on the platform to see your Instagram followers or following list, here’s how you can hide them now. Also Read – How to use sad face filter on Snapchat, Instagram: A step-by-step guide

How to hide Instagram followers or following list

There are a few ways you can hide the following list and followers on Instagram. If you have a private account, you cannot hide the number of followers but you can still hide who is actually following you and who you follow. Also Read – Instagram trends: From Shark Tank India to Hera Pheri, here are the memes Indians loved sharing

One way to keep specific users from viewing your profile is by blocking them. The blocked users cannot search for your profile or find any details like followers or following list of your account. The only way they can do all that is if they use some other account. Also Read – Instagram to begin testing NFTs this week in the US: All you need to know

To block any user, all you need to do is go to their profile, tap on the three dot menu in the top right corner and select block.

If you think, blocking is a bit extreme, you can always choose to remove these users from your account. This way, they will have to send you a request to follow and get access to your posts and other data again.

Instagram also offers an option to restrict users on the platform. This option is also buried in the profile menu, just like the Block option.

For the unversed, restricted users will not get access to certain information including your online status when you are active and view your stories. They will also be not able to see the “seen” option when you are done reading their messages on the platform.

According to Instagram, “Only their new comments on your posts will be visible to them and you can choose to see comments by tapping View Comments. You can tap Approve if you want other people to see their comments as well. After that, you can tap Approve to confirm or you can delete or ignore their comment.”

Here’s how to use the new Green Screen feature

Here’s how to use the new Green Screen feature

Ever since the short video platform of Youtube, the Youtube Shorts has worked out, the company has been adding several features to it. Recently, it brought the “Cut” feature to the platform, and now, the company has introduced the Green Screen feature. Also Read – How to View and Edit your Youtube Comment History

The new Green Screen feature is currently only available to iOS users. This could be one of the most useful features of the app. It will let users use up to a 60-second video from any eligible Youtube video or Youtube shorts video as the background for their original video. This could make a short video more creative and fun. Also Read – YouTube will soon let you gift paid channel memberships to your friends: Check details

Youtube Shorts Also Read – How to write Youtube Comments in Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough formats

For years, YouTubers have been using Green screens for making creative content, with the new Green Screen feature, creators can easily use this virtual Green screen and make short videos.

Notably, creators can use any videos or short videos from Youtube as their background, however, some videos cannot be used. Firstly, creators cannot use videos of those who have already opted out and haven’t allowed others to make remixes of their videos. And secondly, music videos with copyrighted content cannot be remixed. This is the same as the Cut feature. Also, similar to it, every remix or short video that you make will have a link back to the original content creator as credits.

The new feature is an addition to the already available features like Retouch, Lighting, Align, and others. As said earlier, this feature is only limited to iPhone users as of now, but we expect it to arrive on the Android platform soon.

How to use Green Screen on Youtube Shorts

To use the new Green Screen feature, make sure the Youtube app is on the latest version. If it’s not, head to the App Store and update it. Once to do that, follow the below steps.

1. Open Youtube app on your iPhone.

2. Open the video you want to use as a background for your new Youtube Shorts video.

3. Click on the three-dot menu and select the “Green Screen” option.

4. Now, you will have that video as your background.

Tip: Creators can make Youtube Shorts videos with or without audio. Photos and Videos can also be added from the Photo Gallery. To make your short video creative, you can add different filters, and lighting effects, and increase or decrease the speed. Enjoy!

How to Create a Guest Account in Windows 11

How to Create a Guest Account in Windows 11

Creating a guest account on Windows 11 could be a smart decision, as you don’t want others to look at your personal or professional files while using your laptop/PC. However, adding a Guest account on the new Windows 11 is slightly different from how it was on Windows 10. But still, it’s a few steps away. Today in this article, we’ll show you how you can easily create a Guest Account in Windows 11. Also Read – How to take a screenshot on your Windows 11 PC

There are many ways you can create a guest account in Windows 11. We will show you two of the easiest methods. So without further ado, let’s get started. Also Read – Microsoft rolls out new Windows 11 features for hybrid work, enterprise users

Creating Guest Account from Settings

1. To start off, open Settings on your Windows 11 machine by pressing the shortcut Windows + I. Also Read – Microsoft Build 2022 to kick off on May 24: Here’s a look at what to expect

2. Now, find Accounts on the left sidebar and click on it.

3. Click on Family & other users.

4. Here, you can add a guest account by clicking on the Add account option.

5. Once you click on Add account option, you will get a pop-up to sign in. But we don’t need to sign in through a Microsoft account since we are creating a Guest account. So, click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.” (Now, it will let you create an account without adding any details of the guest).

6. Click on the “Add a user without a Microsoft account” option.

7. Add all the details like the Name, Password, and Security questions for the guest account and hit next.

Now you have successfully created a Guest Account. If you find this method a bit lengthy, try the next method.

Creating Guest Account in One-click using Command Prompt

1. Search for Command Prompt and run it as administrator.

2. Type or paste the following command in the Command Prompt: net user rohit /add /active:yes

3. Once you add the above command and hit enter, your Guest account will be successfully created.

In case you want to set up a password, follow all three steps from the first method and add your password.

That’s it, that’s how you can easily create a Guest Account in Windows 11. Which method do you find the easiest? Do let us know in the comments below.

How to View and Edit your Youtube Comment History

How to View and Edit your Youtube Comment History

Youtube is one of the most popular content consumption platforms on the market. Over billions of people use Youtube on daily basis and stream content from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Other than watching videos, we also comment on most of the videos. However, it gets difficult to keep track of your comments on the platform. But not to worry, as we are here for you. Also Read – YouTube will soon let you gift paid channel memberships to your friends: Check details

Today in this article, we’ll show you how to view and edit your Youtube comment history. By doing this, you can check and reply back to some important comments. Also, you can cherish and get nostalgic by reading some of your oldest comments on videos. Also Read – How to write Youtube Comments in Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough formats

How to View and Edit your Youtube Comment History

Viewing your Youtube comment history is just a few clicks away. We have included instructions for viewing your comment history on both mobile and desktop. Also Read – How to view subtitles on YouTube videos

1. On Your Desktop

Step 1: Open on your desktop.

Step 2: Click on the Hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Step 3: Find History and click on it.

Step 4: Once you click on history, a small window will open on the right side, here click on Comments.

Step 5: Now, you’ll be able to see your Youtube comment history and edit it.

2. On Your Mobile

Step 1: Open the Youtube application on your mobile.

Step 2: Click on your Profile Picture.

Step 3:  Scroll down and look for the “Your data in Youtube” option and click on it.

Step 4: Once you click on it, you’ll need to sign in.

Step 5: After you sign in, you’ll be able to see an option called comments in the “Your Youtube dashboard ” section, simply click on it.

Step 6: Now, you can view and edit your youtube comments.

That’s how you can easily view and edit your Youtube comment history.

How to Delete Old Youtube comments 

When you reach the last step in any of the above methods, you will see a cross icon on the top right corner of a comment. Just click on it, followed by hitting the delete button on the pop-up. Once you do this, that particular comment will be deleted.