Subsideria is a real innovation among the classic arcade shooters in the space theme! Legendary and exciting boss fights, different game modes, and many more – check how long you can stay undefeated!


Among the rich functionality and the most interesting Subsideria chips, we can highlight:

The world ranking leaderboard in online mode to defeat everyone without exceptionIncredibly clear and immersive HD graphics4 difficulty levels in each of 3 different game modes6 absolutely unique asteroids that will stand in your way to victory, as well as many more interesting things!


The essence of the arcade shooter Subsideria is that the user will find himself in the depths of Tenebra with one single goal- to find and eliminate a threat to the peace and tranquility of the entire universe!

There will be a huge number of obstacles on your way that will prevent you from saving the universe! Asteroids will take you down, and those who challenge you will do everything to kill you!


Moreover, the game has 4 boss battles, which are more difficult than anything you’ve dealt with before! Show proper intelligence, ingenuity, and strategy to cope with them!

Subsideria is a new generation shooter for those who are not afraid to face their fears and will be able to fight with everyone who gets on your difficult path in the name of victory!