Rogue Invader combines old-school art style and sophisticated roguelike gameplay to create a punishing shootout with retro charm.

Developed by Squishy Games, Rogue Invader aims to combine roguelike gameplay with retro-style black-and-white graphics in a witty sci-fi setting.


The game was announced for Steam five years ago, but was delayed for a long time because the planned Kickstarter campaign failed to meet its goals. Nevertheless, the team continued to work on Rogue Invader during this period of uncertainty, and now it will finally launch on February 21.

In Rogue Invader, players will have to command a human army in the midst of a war with a race of xenomorph-like aliens. The battle has led to the aliens’ home planet Zeno 1, where the humans are preparing a final attack to destroy the surprisingly sarcastic alien leader, King Zeno.

The basic gameplay of Rogue Invader unfolds in 2D, with players moving around with the standard WASD keys and aiming/firing weapons with the mouse. Using the other keys, players can reload or change weapons, perform melee attacks, or teleport new items for use in their inventory.


Pressing the space bar allows you to jump or dodge enemy attacks, pressing the Shift key allows you to run (which consumes a limited amount of stamina), and the C key allows you to crouch. By clicking on the mouse wheel, players can aim and throw grenades.

Since most of the army’s supplies have been depleted during the war, they can only send one soldier armed with a single pistol. It is up to the player to find new weapons and items on the surface of Zeno One to break through King Zeno’s troops and win the war for the humans once and for all.