PewDiePie vs. T-Series – The YouTube Battle Starts (Case Study)

PewDiePie vs Tseries – T-Series, living in western countries, you surely will not have heard of this name. T-Series in an Indian YouTube Channel which may be dubbed as ‘Vevo’ of Indian Music. The Channel continues to grow so fast that it would take only a few months for this to surpass the PewDiePie. T-Series YouTube channel is the most-viewed channel in the world, with more than 45+ billion views (and counting).

“T-Series to Dethrone PewDiePie to Become Biggest YouTube Channel in the world” So, What exactly is T-Series? How it became such type of huge thing? And what more to expect? Listed here are all the things that you simply need to know concerning the Big Internet Battle.

What is T-Series?

T-Series is undoubtedly an Indian Music and Movie Creation Company which primarily deals with Bollywood Music and Regional Indian Content. It holds the music rights for movies and person albums. Songs are recorded by top Indian artists and music artists with added cinematic visuals to attract the audience. T-Series is actually a family-owned company dating back to the 1980’s, following the initial struggling phase, the organization slowly started establishing itself by the year 2000, and it became a top supplier of Indian Soundtracks. Currently, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar lead the company.

How is it different from PewDiePie?

Unlike PewDiePie that’s run by Felix Kjellberg, who helps make the video game and Let’s play reviews and vlogs. T-Series is just not run by a private but is controlled by a production house. So, you should not expect any kind of video confrontation from T-Series. As it’s nothing like T-Series is really a specific individual who can actually duke it out with Kjellberg in the way he and his fans suggest.

Felix in his video jokingly said, “The time has come for us to fight back” rallying on his fans to provide a big fight to T-Series. This show of antipathy won’t give anything for those expecting an internet storyline for the big fight like Paul Logan vs. KSI. T-Series isn’t likely to form any response video to fight back versus all of the crushing comments that are being filled on T-Series new uploads by The Bro Army.

PewDiePie vs Tseries What Stats Say?

In accordance with Social Blade, Pewdiepie will gain ~10 million Subs by next year and in the same time frame period, it is estimated that T Series can make around ~40 million Members. That’s a wild number as there are only 3 channels with over 40+ million subscribers as a whole. So, you can imagine how fast the T-Series is growing.

T-Series is soon planning to overtake the Pewdiepie in sub count. The increase is exponential and if this continues, it would touch the special moment figure of 100 million subs by next year.

The rate of Subscribers Adding to the Channels

In keeping with data aggregating site Social Blade, the Subscribers contributing to the T-Series are ~200,000 subs/day that when compared with Pewdiepie are only ~30,000/day.

The average daily views from the channels are matchless in a microscopic level. The Pewdiepie will get around 5 million sights per day whereas T-Series garners mammoth eyeballs of approx. 100 million views on a daily basis making it the most viewed YouTube Channel in the world.

PewDiePie vs Tseries Growth Forecasting for Both Channels

If this growth rate for both the channels pertains than by start of the next year, the T-Series will make around 85+ million subscribers in total while Pewdiepie will make 72+ million subs.

The T-Series is growing so huge rapid that it would be hard for any channel to give any real lots of competition.

PewDiePie vs Tseries: How T-Series Conquered YouTube?

So, T-Series is a music channel which submissions video songs on YouTube, nothing much surprising. You will find 1000’s of YouTube Channels which do the same thing but they’re not growing at the rate the T-Series is up to. Even getting into the consideration the calibre of content it has but that doesn’t satisfactorily explain why such a spiking growth although the Channel joined the YouTube back in 2006. The main reason could be the same as for the success of PewDiePie

Geography Helped Pewdiepie

With ~1.3 billion folks, India may be a right place for any YouTuber who wish to ‘sell’ his content. Also, Bollywood is very popular around the world and said that for the people around the globe who love Bollywood songs, the T-Series is relinquishing their own music thirst. Apart from India, Indian Content is extremely popular in the Middle East, Africa, Some European Countries and North America. Having such a huge fan base, the T-Series has hit a right note by earning the crowd from around the world by giving high-quality content.

Where was India this Long?

India always was built with a huge population. What held India in past was poor or no web connection, high cost for data and slow internet speeds. However, this altered previously five years because of the introduction of the extremely low-cost internet, cheaper Smartphones and-speed 4G services. Now, the nation is longing for more appeal content. India has about 200 million monthly Active YouTube users which will make a wide array.

“The content ecosystem has matured within the past year because of improved access to the internet. With more than 300 million smart-phone users in the United States, creators are originating from tier-2 and -3 metropolitan areas,” David Powell, Director, Online Partnerships and Development, YouTube, APAC, told Business Line.

The timepiece time elevated 100× and the amount of YouTube Channels also elevated to fulfil the range of interests of Indian Audience. India even surpassed the United States in monthly internet usage with 1 Exabyte/month to get the greatest consumer of information.

his sudden transmission of online users in India brought to the prosperity of T-Series which in fact had its presence over YouTube from 2006. Every single day new users get on YouTube and T-Series is soaking these to grow bigger by each day.

Content is King

This can be a popular vibe utilized by any content marketer to describe things in better fashion. In America there’s a saturation of content, there’s no much scope for generation something extremely new. But India on other hands is youthful and individuals are hungry for additional content. Thus which makes it many years more youthful than the majority of the civilized world? This produced a distinctive moment. For any professional card like T-Series which could produce then sell big-budget videos, it gave the chance to dominate the marketplace and obtain a good number of share before other people take the charge competing.


India is soon likely to conquer the web using its vast population and content hungry people. The T-Series is simply a small illustration of how quickly a channel with Indian Interest could gain the subs. Cheap data, cheaper Smartphones and top content each one is making the T-Series a very successful YouTube Channel.


I will be regularly updated the post with elevated relevant and informative data. Please follow us. Do comment below along with your valuable suggestions.


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