PewDiePie Fans are Fighting to Keep Him the No. 1 YouTuber in the world

PewDiePie is about to drop his spot as the Most Popular YouTuber in the World. However his fans are fighting returning to help keep him on top of the social media throne, as well as for now, they’re efficiently staving from the challenge from India’s most popular music label and movie studio.

Within the last many months, YouTube channel T-Series-which produces Bollywood music videos, interviews, and compilations-has far outpaced PewDiePie with new daily subscribers. In August, Social Blade, a YouTube statistics website, demonstrated T-Series adding between 130,000-170,000 new subscribers on a daily basis while between 30,000-50,000 were smashing that subscribe button for PewDiePie.

T-Series was forecasted to surpass PewDiePie by the end of October. Instead, at this moment, PewDiePie has slightly less than 68.5 million subscribers, while T-Series has about 67.8 million.

Originally, Social Blade expected that PewDiePie might have 67.19 million subscribers and T-Series would have 67.11 million on Oct. 21 and three days later, T-Series would make progress with 67.54 million vs. PewDiePie’s 67.28 million.

Most Popular YouTuber in the World

So, what went down? Why is PewDiePie still No. 1 and actually getting subscribers on T-Series? In part, it’s because of a coordinated effort by PewDiePie’s fans to help keep him at the top, including YouTuber MrBeast who has 9.6 million subscribers of his own.

MrBeast posted a relevant video last Friday where he said, “I bought a bunch of billboards, continued TV, did radio ads, bought bathroom ads, and a lot more to try and stop T-Series from passing PewDiePie in subscribers … T-Series is growing four times faster than PewDiePie, and if I don’t do anything, PewDiePie won’t be the No. 1 … YouTuber in the world. Hence, I spent all my money on ads so he’ll be able to remain the No. 1 most-subscribed-to channel in the world.”

Thereafter video hit YouTube, PewDiePie averaged 255,000 new subscribers on a daily basis from last Friday to Monday. T-Series averaged 152,000 a day during that time span.

The problem here in the minds of PewDiePie and those who support him is the idea that allowing an enormous company like T-Series to become No. 1 will wound the spirit of YouTube also, the independent creators it’s always fostered.

PewDiePie vs T series: A Race to Be the Most Popular YouTuber in the World

“I don’t mind about T-Series, I truly don’t, but I think if YouTube does transfer of the simplest way where it does feel more corporate, something else will take its place. I feel people enjoy this connection a lot, I think something else will just show up, if it feels too corporate,” PewDiePie, that has been No. 1 since 2013, said in a recent video, through the Independent.

“I think what bothers me more than things becoming too corporate is YouTubers shilling corporates, if that makes sense. YouTubers just getting into this image that companies want them to be for the sake of being lifted up by them. I mean, it’s a great business move, and I totally understand exactly why anyone would do it, but to me it’s inauthentic.”

PewDiePie’s ongoing subscriber gains are most likely unsustainable in the long term against the powerful T-Series located in a country of 1.3 billion people. But PewDiePie and the supporters are fighting, and then for now, that seemingly is enough to keep him No. 1.

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