As part of its WWDC 2022 keynote Apple has announced changes coming to Messages on iPhone with iOS 16 that should put an end the embarrassment caused by sending texts containing typos.

The three incoming features are message editing, undo, and the ability to mark a conversation as unread. 

The new edit feature will allow you to correct any mistakes even after you’ve hit send, while undo will let you delete a message that you fired off by accident.

So whether you’ve mistyped a friend’s name or sent a message intended for one person to someone else, now you’ll be able to correct your mistakes as soon as you spot them.

Other new features include the ability to mark a conversation to come back to, so if you’ve opened a message but then have to rush off to deal with something else before replying, you can set it as unread so that you can get a reminder to respond later.

These updates will all drop as part of the incoming iOS 16 update for iPhone devices.