Google has officially announced a partnership with iFixit to sell repair kits for its Pixel series of phones – from the Pixel 2 (2017) to the current Pixel 6 series. Genuine parts will be sold in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and EU countries (the ones where Pixels are officially available).

We don’t know the prices yet, but keep an eye on this page. Soon you will be able to find components like batteries, displays, cameras and more there. They will be available individually as well as bundled with iFixit Fix Kits, which include the tools necessary for the job. Of course, iFixit also has detailed guides for how to take the phones apart.

iFixit sells spudgers, screw drivers and anything else you might need to open up a phone

iFixit sells spudgers, screw drivers and anything else you might need to open up a phone

If you are worried that you will mess things up, Google has partnered with various repair centers, e.g. uBreakiFix, which has over 750 locations in the US and Canada. Similar services are available in Germany, the UK and Japan and Google is working to expand that to more countries. Head to this page to check for a repair center near you.

By the way, Google launched a Chromebook repair program this February in partnership with Acer, Lenovo and others.

Making its devices more repairable is Google’s way to fight e-waste. That’s not the only thing though, the company is getting serious about recycling too. Starting this year, 100% of Google hardware products include recycled materials and shipping direct to consumers is carbon-neutral.

Google aims to achieve a Zero Waste to landfill certification this year and to remove all plastic from its packaging by 2025. If you have old gadgets you no longer need and aren’t in a good enough condition to be sold, check out the recycling program.

PS. iFixit is also running self repair programs with Samsung and with Microsoft.