Screen recording is not as easy as taking a screenshot, be it on a smartphone or even a desktop. However, there are times when taking a screenshot is just not enough. You need quick access to screen records. Windows 11 provides that ease without the need to download and install dangerous third-party software. You can use this method to capture gameplay, record presentations, or just record a call to look back at memories later. Also Read – How to find WiFi password on Windows PC: A step-by-step guide

Here are some of the ways in which you can screen record on Windows 11: Also Read – Window 11 update: Microsoft to roll out Android apps to 5 new countries

With the Xbox Game Bar

Built into the Windows 11 experience, the Xbox Game Bar lets you take screenshots as well as screen record MP4 videos. Here’s how: Also Read – Microsoft announces Windows 11, Microsoft Store updates for enhanced applications

1. To launch the Game Bar, press the Windows key + G to kick off.

2. The Xbox Game Bar will appear at the top of your screen. Click the “Camera” icon to open the Capture window.

3. The Capture window is where you can select the option to record your screen. You can choose to enable or disable your mic prior to recording and simply use Windows + Alt + M to do so.

4. When you’re ready to record, click the “Record” button (solid white circle) or just press Windows + Alt + R

5. Your screen will begin recording. Press the “Stop” button (solid white square) when done which is located in the same place where the Record button previously was.

6. To find your recording, just click on “Show All Captures” at the bottom of the Capture window

Alternatively, PowerPoint also comes with a built-in screen recorder

Here’s how to use PowerPoint to screen record

1. Head to the Insert tab and click Screen Recording

2. In the Control dock that appears, select the area you want to record or simply press Windows key + Shift + A.

3. By default, both the audio and mouse pointer are recorded. If you don’t want to record them, click the buttons in the dock to switch them off.

4. Click the Record button or use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Shift + R to start recording. Click the Stop button or use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Shift + Q to end the recording.

5. To save the recording to your computer, right-click the still shot of the video and select Save Media As.