iOS 16 was released last week and we still haven’t stopped scooping out some of its hidden features. While the new version of iOS offers a lot in regards to customization of the lock screen and iMessage features, there are some other really interesting easter eggs to spot. The one that is currently all over the internet is the feature that lets you remove the background from any image or phone. Today, we’ll show you how exactly you can do it. Also Read – iOS 16: Less known features you should know about

Apple hasn’t added an edit or background removal option in the Photos app, rather there’s a different trick to get this feature working. For that, you will need to use two apps – Photos and the Notes app. It also works with the Mail and Messages app. Also Read – iOS 16 update lets users transfer an eSIM to a new iPhone via Bluetooth

How to remove background from image on iPhone

To access this feature, you need to be on iOS 16. Also Read – iPhone 14 Pro may come with always-on display, hints iOS 16 code: Check details

(Note: This feature only works on iPhone X and above with iOS 16.)

1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.

2. Find the image that you want to remove the background for.

3. After finding an image, long-press on the subject in the image and move it freely.

4. Now, simultaneously open the Notes or Messages or Mail app on your phone.

5. Open a Note/Chat/New Mail and drop the subject that you just selected in the black area.

That’s it, that’s how easily your subject will be separated from the background and you will have an image without a background.

6. Lastly, Save the photo from the Note/Chat/Mail.

That’s how Apple’s AI works on the new iOS 16. The implementation of this feature is impressive. Although you can easily remove the background from any image, sometimes you may see choppy cut marks on the edge of the image. However, still, iPhone is letting you do this in a couple of taps is great and something that’s not there on Android devices.