Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Procrastinators

I’m just going to say it: Halloween stresses me the hell out. Sure, I might just throw on a dinosaur onesie and say “screw it” (which is exactly what I did last year), but because of a makeup lover, I feel pressured to do at least something glittery, painted, lined, or bedazzled to my face.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

However, a quick search of YouTube reveals approximately 1.5 million tutorials (seriously), most of which require the skilled, constant hands of either a legit surgeon or, you realize, Rembrandt. So rather than watching a dozen videos, getting completely disheartened, on and on as a “sexy cat” for the fourth year in a row, instead try one of these crazy-easy, truly pretty Halloween makeup ideas (Tutorials) that won’t take you five hours to do.

1. This Wonder Woman Look

This look is principally just the ridiculously pretty makeup (hello, shimmery golden eyes) which Gal Gadot has in Wonder Woman so that you can wear it to operate during the day, then slip on your golden headband during the night to change into DC Comic’s best superhero.

2. This Princess Shuri Makeup From “Black Panther”

Yes, everybody and their sister will be repping Black Panther this Halloween (as they should), but this dotted, spotted, and neck-decorated variation will a minimum of cause you to stand out from the Wakanda crowd.

3. This Floating Head Costume

With just a few tubes of liquid lipstick, you can finally lose your head in an Instagrammable way. Just be sure to stand in dark corners for the ultimate trickery.

4. This Crazy-Simple Cat Woman

The good reason that a painted eye mask is 100 % much better than a store-bought plastic mask: You won’t want to rip it off your head 30 minutes into the night-which means you’ll never be left looking like a basic bish with cat ears.

5. This Surprisingly Adorable Bear

So adorable and lovable, you will be fending off hugs from strangers (so, like, you have been warned. I suggest also strapping on a sign that reads “LOOK, DON’T TOUCH” while you are at it).

6. This Ethereal Mermaid Look

Listen, mermaids will not be cool (just ask Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah), so embrace your inner merperson with some light glitter, rhinestones, and iridescent scales.

7. This Non-Basic Leopard Look

Alright, fine, there is a few cat basic-ness going on here, but in contrast to your feeble attempt for a leopard costume in high school (that was just poorly drawn whiskers and also a headband with ears), this look features realistic spots and a fierce cat eye.

8. These Scratchy Vampire Eyes

Technically, and this is what I seem like IRL during allergy season. Allow it to be even scarier for Halloween by adding some red novelty contacts and a thick, smudgy, smoky eye.

9. This Super-Cute Fawn Makeup

I am talking about, sometimes you want to look ridiculously cute on Halloween-I have it. Behold This fawn makeup, which uses fake lashes and strategically placed eyeliner to make your eyes look in-the-headlights huge.

10. These Spiderweb Eyes

“But all of these looks is still way too hard!” you cry. I hear you, I observe you, and I raise you this truly easy spiderweb look. If you can hold a pencil, you can draw a web on your face.

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