FoxOne is a combat simulator in which each successfully completed mission is rewarded with money.

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This money goes towards the purchase of new aircraft and equipment. The idea is incredibly fun and very engaging for the player.

Fox One1

FoxOne has become one of the most downloaded combat simulators in the Google Play Store, ranked among the top 100 game apps.

The initial menu in FoxOne Special Missions has been slightly changed from its predecessor due to the addition of two new game modes.

There are now four options on the main menu, and the new options are Free Flight and Survival. There is also an option to view other games in the FoxOne series. Some setting buttons have also been moved to different areas of the screen (upper right and upper left).

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Fox One2

After clicking on one of the game modes, you will be prompted to create a new pilot profile (maximum of three). After creating a profile you will see a world map on which you can select the following missions.

Each mission dialog box contains mission type, difficulty, reward, and location. After selecting a mission, the next screen shows a brief summary of the mission objective.

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The next step is to select a plane. Each plane has its own description, informing the player about its characteristics (armament, speed, maneuverability, etc.). Once the plane has been selected, it is time to arm it. The next screen shows the available weapons. Each weapon has its own capabilities as well as a price.

The last step is to calibrate the accelerometer on your device. This is very important for successful missions.


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