DogLog is a free and easy-to-use pet care app that makes keeping pets less stressful.

DogLog allows pet owners to track and monitor their pups’ health, well-being, training and understand their behavior trends.

The app tracks your dog’s activity, eating habits, vet visits, medications, weight and more. With analytics, reminders, notes and photos, you can make sure your pets stay healthy and happy.


DogLog not only reduces the hassle of communication, it also gives you peace of mind that your pet is getting the care he or she needs.

With DogLog, you’ll never have to ask if your dog has been fed or what his chip number is, because all the important information is in your smartphone.

No more wasting time wondering if your dog is being taken care of, download DogLog and enjoy the peace of mind of always knowing how your dog’s day is going.

It helps dog owners keep track of their pet’s health, coordinate daily pet-related activities, and remind everyone when it’s time to give medication or go to the vet.



Create a “pack” with your fellow dog caregivers.Keep a log of activities, such as giving food, going out for a walk and giving medicine.Adding comments to actions for more informationReceive notifications when actions are logged for your pet with alerts.Create reminders and alerts so you never forget to take care of your pet.Use the Statistics page to get information about your dog’s life.Share photos and messages with other helpers with just a few taps.